Villa de Merlo

Our town is located in the extreme North-East of the Province of San Luis, on the western slopes of the Mountains Sierra de Comechingones, which also form the natural border to the Province of Cordoba. The centre of the town is at 850 m.a.s.l. and reaches its highest parts to the East at 1280 m. This vintage slope location therefore gives you a fantastic view of the Valley of Conlara from any point of the town.

The mountain-relief thus provides its own beauty keeping the environment in its natural form, with small woods and rivelets.

There is no doubt that Merlo is the most important touristic centre of the Province of San Luis, because of its natural beauty, the kindness of their inhabitants, its infra-structure and the year by year improving services, and of course its renown micro-climate.

A bunch of combining factors form an environment, where you feel fine. The geographic conditions of the mountainous landscape make people feel very comfortable.

You just have to come and experience it yourself.


Would you like to relax within a virgin and wild environment ?

  • listen to the sounds of nature ?
  • enjoy a luxurious vegetation ?
  • live together with birds and flowers ?
  • breathe the pure air of a very special micro-climate ?
  • be surrounded by mountains, creeks and wild plants ?
  • situated on the mountain slopes at an average elevation of 3200 feet above sea-level ?
  • have an exceptional panoramic view of the Sierra de los Comechingones and the Conlara Valley ?
  • within a familiar environment ?
  • where the days pass without noticing it ?

All this awaits you !



Avenida Juventud s/n - 5881 - Merlo, San Luis - Tel. 02656-472043 - Cel. (0266)15-479-1100 / (0266)15-479-1101 -